Eternal Destiny

I am excited to announce a brand new work I just self-published, The Present and Millennial Kingdom of God. It is a short read, but jam-packed with intriguing thoughts I have gleaned over the past few years of Bible study and reading other books about heaven, Revelation, and walking in the Spirit. It explores what our future could look like in heaven and on the new earth during the Millennium. And most importantly it shows how we can experience touches of that glorious future now.

One concept I cover is that our spirit, the part of us that relates to God, is actually our "raw identity." That was what Blake Healy in his book The Veil (2012) heard from the Holy Spirit when he asked what our human spirit is. Here is a brief peek at this encouraging idea that can help us better understand our identity in Christ and perhaps find our eternal destiny.

First, let's think of our raw identity as spiritual DNA. It's the essence of how God formed us. In this fallen world, however, our spiritual DNA is tainted by the sin nature. When we accept Christ as our Lord, however, our spirit--our identity, our spiritual DNA--is literally transformed. We become a new creation in our spirit. We have a new "raw identity."

In this present life our body remains vulnerable to damage and sickness, and our soul--our mind, will, and emotions--is influenced by past memories and fears. However, because of our new identity in Christ, our transformed spirit can now partner with the Holy Spirit to bring about the physical, mental, and emotional healing we so desperately need. We just have to accept and act on both the promises in the Word and the promised daily guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Sounds easy, right? Of course it isn't. We continually think and do the things we know we shouldn't, and that allows the enemy to bring shame and condemnation. But because of our transformed spirit, our new identity, we can overcome the enemy as Christ overcame him--through His death on the cross that washes away our sin, and the transformation of our mind through the power of His resurrection, Word, and Holy Spirit.

So how does God see us? He focuses not on the slips and falls, but on the transformed DNA, our raw identity, the person He has designed us to be for eternity. Could this mean that we each have an eternal destiny? The Bible says that we are each members of the Body of Christ and have a specific function. So perhaps we can get a glimpse of what that looks like now and in the future. I share my personal story in my new book. You may even be challenged to pray about whether this could apply to you.

Clay WattsComment