Preparing for End Times

I just self-published a “new” book, Preparing for End Times: A Guide to Bible Prophecy. I use quotes since it is newly published as a traditional paperback and eBook, but most of the content was developed over many years of researching, teaching, and writing between the 1980’s and 2000’s. It was available on my old version of until a couple of years ago when my son Ben completely updated the site. The material had impacted him over the years regarding his theology of end times, which is saying something since he has a seminary degree and is a full-time pastor at a dynamic Spirit-filled church in Pensacola. So when he encouraged me to prepare it for publication as a book, I was taken by surprise. However, as I began to review and edit it, I realized that it contains material that is still relevant and much needed today.

The recurring theme of the book is that “preconception leads to deception.” Jesus warns repeatedly about deception in end times, and I believe that having preconceived paradigms is the primary form that such deception takes. I show many examples as I present a framework for dealing with unfulfilled Bible prophecy followed by a comprehensive analysis of Old and New Testament prophetic passages regarding the events leading up to Christ’s Second Coming.

The paperback is only on Amazon, but the eBook is on other providers as well. See the Books page on for more information, including how to get the eBook free. Speaking of free, check out my summary of the “preconception leads to deception” theme in the Free Resources page. It’s a pdf titled “A New Approach to End Times Prophecy.” It makes the case for being knowledgeable about End Times Bible passages, but not falling into the trap of fixing on a particular scenario of events that you believe must take place. I use the obvious example of the Rapture, but I’m not going to give any spoilers in this blog post. You have to read the freebie!

Once you see the many examples and serious consequences where “preconception lead to deception,” you will recognize that this does not just apply to Bible prophecy. As I mention in the free document, it also is a potential flaw in what we often are told is "science." Yes, you heard me. It is amazing how so many in our ultra-educated society can be so easily led astray by not heeding the warning of this seemingly obvious principle.

By the way, I am about to release my new project, The Present and Millennial Kingdom of God. It has lots of fresh ideas concisely presented. I encourage you to read Preparing for End Times first, however. It provides a biblical foundation for many of the concepts in my new work, which is subtitled An End Times Worldview.

Clay WattsComment